Art by Marianna Abutalipova

Marianna Abutalipova

Jonathan Buchner Gems & Jewellery now displays the art of Artist Marianna Abutalipova. Marianna paints, draws and creates collages.

Art Battle

  • Spanish Dancer by Marianna Abutalipova
  • Renaissance by Marianna Abutalipova
  • Ballerina by Marianna Abutalipova

Spanish Dancer, Renaissance and Ballerina

Passion Flower — acrylics on canvas

Passion Flower


Biography of Marianna Abutalipova

Marianna was born in Uzbekistan in 1980 and studied art in the Art Academy of Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, a former Soviet Republic. In 1998 she moved with her family to the heart of Europe — Belgium, the country of the best beer, chocolates and French fries. Marianna studied in Royal Art Academy of Antwerp and enjoyed the beauty of travelling within Belgium and to other parts of Europe. After 10 years living in such a small country Marianna met the love of her life who happened to be Canadian. Who knew, but she was moving again. Art was, is and always will be part of Marianna’s life. It is who she is, what she feels and how she sees the world — her past and her future dreams.